Sunday, July 3, 2011

Returns for week ending 7/1/11

Returns for the past week:
Model portfolio: +1.2%
Actual managed account: +0.4%

Value of $10,000 invested in model portfolio at inception in 2003: $277,131

Note: The model portfolio and my managed accounts were holding a high amount of cash going into this week, while awaiting a fresh DecisionPoint BUY signal. This explains the lower-than-market returns shown above.

The DecisionPoint timing model threw a fresh BUY signal on Friday, indicating favorable market conditions for holding stocks. The model portfolio's target allocation for a new BUY period is 100% invested. History shows that a DecisionPoint BUY signal marks an opportune time to put capital to work and invest in the model portfolio ...providing an improved return vs. risk. While a BUY signal is no guarantee of gains, it DOES historically indicate a reduced risk of a significant periodic loss before the model portoflio goes on to make a new equity high water mark.

In my managed accounts, I will now be ahering closely to the target allocations.

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