Saturday, July 30, 2011

comment re: DecisionPoint timing model

DecisionPoint recently commented on their market timing model and its performance over various time frames. Also commented on what the recent "whipsaw" signals might mean re: current market conditions. I chose DecisionPoint to provide my market timing model because of its long term track record and its consistent, math driven approach. Enjoy.


#16 Intermediate-Term Stocks (52-Weeks) (TD Index 105.07 Vs. SPX 112.78)
#6 Intermediate-Term Stocks (3 Years) (TD Index 152.31 Vs. SPX 85.65)
#7 Intermediate-Term Stocks (5 Years) (TD Index 156.44 Vs. SPX 100.75)
#10 Intermediate-Term Stocks (10 Years) (TD Index 135.84 Vs. SPX 95.26)

#26 Long-Term Timer (2 Years) Stocks (TD Index 91.9 Vs. SPX 139.23)
#8 Long-Term Timer (3 Years) Stocks (TD Index 124.30 Vs. SPX 85.65)
#4 Long-Term Timer (5 Years) Stocks (TD Index 146.21 Vs. SPX 100.75)
#4 Long-Term Timer (10 Years) Stocks (TD Index 177.64 Vs. SPX 95.26)

As you can see, 2010 was an unusually bad year for our intermediate-term (52-week) and long-term (2-year) timing. But if you look at the longer periods shown, you can see we have a very good record that is consistent over time. As usual, past performance does not guarantee future results.

As for politics dominating the market, just remember "it's always somethin'." Our models are focused solely on price, and nothing else. Whatever is going on in the world is reflected in prices. Our timing models aim at a specific time frame and respond to price movement in a predetermined way. The models are not always correct, but they usually stick with the longer-term trend and limit losses/drawdowns.

Recently we have begun to experience whipsaw signals, which I believe are associated with long-term topping activity. I recommend that you read the documentation on the models so that you have an understanding of why a signal changes. This would allow you to use discretion as to how you should respond to any signal."

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