Saturday, June 25, 2011

Returns for week ending 6/24/11

Returns for the past week:
Model portfolio: +0.9%
Actual managed account: +0.4%

Value of $10,000 invested in model portfolio at inception in 2003: $273,728

Note: It's time to be prepared. History shows that, on average, the stock market provides just one or two opportunities each year to buy stocks at relatively depressed prices. These Windows Of Opportunity (WOO) give the astute investor an opportunity to put capital to work in the best stocks just as a new intermediate term rally begins, and then ride the wave as institutional investors ("Big Money") pour THEIR funds into the same stocks, driving up the price further.

The model's internal metrics are suggesting we are nearing one of these times. It pays to be patient. ...and then seize the WOO!

Fortunately we don't need to guess when the time is right. Our model will provide the necessary BUY signal.

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