Friday, June 10, 2011

Returns for week ending 6/10/11

Returns for the past week:
Model portfolio: -1.7%
Actual managed account: -1.0%

Value of $10,000 invested in model portfolio at inception in 2003: $272,596

The Thrust / Trend Model is now on a NEUTRAL signal as of today. The TTM drives the model portfolio's target allocations. Upon receiving a NEUTRAL signal, the model portfolio halves its position size from $10,000 to $5,000, raising 50% cash while we wait for a fresh TTM BUY signal.

Since the model portfolio currently holds only 4 stocks (above) the model portfolio allocation is now at 80% cash / 20% stocks. As mentioned before, I continue to hold an even greater percentage of cash in my managed accounts while awaiting a fresh BUY signal. This has helped to preserve capital while we seek a better return vs. risk opportunity to put our capital to work.

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