Sunday, September 7, 2008

Returns for the week ending 9/5/08

Strategic Growth Model (SGM) portfolio = -7.2%
Value of $10,000 invested at inception: $46,361

SGM portfolio is on a SELL signal, NEXT week’s holdings:
1/2 of funds in RWM
1/2 of funds in CASH


  1. Are you sticking with your model? Do you have plans to reassess in light of your recent losses? Do you think the rotation out of the commodity sectors has stopped?

  2. @john, I am sticking with the model but trading a smaller position size until the market improves. In my trading account I am down about -2.5% since Jan 1. The rotation out of the commodity sector continued this week, but I won't predict where it's going from here. I am glad to see that the model isn't overloaded with commodity sensitive stocks now. Beginning to see some medical stocks show up in the model. Perhaps the medical sector will give us the new leading stocks.


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